Unparalleled Speed, Security and Reliability

Empire Network is a fast, secure and scalable L1 blockchain. Enjoy almost instant transactions with extremely low fees.

Why Empire

Speed, security, scalability

Empire Network's consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security and reliability. Move value between other blockchains via routing through Empire Network's various bridges while paying minimal fees in gas.


Almost instant transfers

Transactions on Empire Network are finalized in a few seconds and cost a fraction of a cent.


Simply secure

Empire Network’s validator nodes form a global, trustless and leaderless Proof-Of-Authority network.


Highly scalable

Empire can process thousands of transactions per seconds and scale to thousands of nodes.


Ethereum compatible

Empire Network is EVM compatible. Deploy and run your Ethereum dApps on Empire.

Empire Ecosystem

dApps already deployed on Empire Network

The Empire ecosystem is growing, with thousands of active daily users.

More coming soon...

  • EVM compatible

    Empire is fully compatible with Ethereum. Deploy your dApps at a fraction of a cost and experiment with Empire’s high performance

    Deploy a smart contract

  • Robust APIs

    Use The Graph’s subgraphs and Empire's robust Web3JS APIs to build wallets, explorers, or data analysis tools.

    Access the APIs

Latest News

What's new at Empire

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